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ASHCRETE RENDER EASY SBR is a high quality specification resistant liquid resin latex dispersion for improving adhesion and strength of all types of commonly used mortars. When blended with cement, the Polymer: Cement mixture makes it suitable to provide the barrier coating. ASHCRETE RENDER EASY SBR has excellent bonding properties to mortars, concrete, brickwork, wood, glass, aluminum, and steel. The flexible and elastomeric nature of this system has properties, which are able to combat the inadequacies of cement-like low flexural strength and tensile strength, low impact strength, and thin section fragility. The resultant system offers a tough hard-wearing surface with abrasion, chemical and weather carbonation resistance coupled with excellent waterproofing effect for marine environments as well.

Surface preparation of the substrate is vital for the
effective adhesion and bonding of ASHCRETE RENDER EASY
SBR. So, the surface should be free of laitance and loose
dust particles, oil, grease, and other loose dirt. The surface
should be wire brushed and broomed before application.
In some cases, the existing concrete must be chipped to a
sound substrate where surfaces are contaminated with
oil or grease, this should be removed by using a strong
industrial detergent or organic degreaser.


  • Excellent adhesion to most building substrates
  • Strength of adhesion to the base is distinctly improved
    This allows structural bonds between existing mortars/
    concrete and fresh mortar
  • Improves flexural, tensile, and thin section fragility
    of cementations system
  • Allows breathing thus preventing peeling and scaling
  • Gives a tough, hardwearing surface with effective
  • Economical when compared with epoxy mortars
  • Reduces chloride/salt penetration in marine
  • Resists carbonation effect
  • Higher bond and adhesive strength
  • Lower shrinkage characteristics
  • Increases overall structural durability


  • Repair mortars for mending damaged spots in precast concrete industry, pipelines, etc.
  • Waterproofing water retaining structures, terraces, parapets, bathrooms, and sunken portions of toilet blocks.
  • Cold joints between old and new concrete can be made strong and non-permeable with bonding slurry consisting of ASHCRETE RENDER EASY SBR and cement mortar.
  • Fixing ceramic tiles, floor screening, and mosaic tiling.
  • Crack repair and porous surface sealing.
  • By using ASHCRETE RENDER EASY SBR the conditions created due to breeds of termites are avoided.
  • Healthy conditions prevail and discomfort is eliminated.
  •  Improvement of the mechanical and technological characteristics of ready to use coarse and fine repairmortars intended for the repair of concrete.

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